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  • Christmas 2022

  • Christmas 2021

    Christmas 2021

     What happened to 2021?  The hardest thing has been not seeing the family. Our plans to spend last Christmas and New Year and the summer holidays at Stroanfreggan got cancelled, but we managed to visit Luke, Lisa and the boys in Amsterdam just after they moved there from Hong Kong. Luke and the boys also…

  • Xmas 2017

    Xmas 2017

    Another rollercoaster year comes to an end with a feeling that things are looking up. I was in Hong Kong in February and came back to the news that Dorothea, Keith’s mother had just died. She spent her last months very well looked after in Findlay House Community Hospital and her funeral on 21st March…

  • Christmas 2016

    Christmas 2016

    When you don’t need to work for money you can pick just the jobs that are satisfying to do, so this year Patricia and I have worked regularly as beekeepers, bartenders, concert arrangers, clothes repairers, choristers, refugee greeters, social supporters, toilet cleaners plus a few irregular tasks. Patricia updated a bit more of the Council…

  • Palawan


    We just got back from a holiday with Luke, Lisa, James and friends in southern Palawan, Philippines. Estrella Falls (2nd falls) We stayed near Narra at Crystal Paradise Resort, which was very friendly and tranquil, with excellent food. The beach was about 8km long, lovely and apart from the local fishermen we were almost the…

  • Christmas 2015

    Christmas 2015

    As The Cloud spreads it gets easier to store stuff but more difficult to keep track of where all the blogs, travel diaries, family news, videos and photos went. I’ve written about some of the main events of the year here with links to pictures and music. No big news is probably the main news…

  • Easter 2015

    Easter 2015

    Here’s just a few photos from the Easter hols and D’s 91st birthday.  May add more later.

  • Christmas 2014

    Christmas 2014

    We spent Christmas at Stroanfreggan with the whole family (8 adults and six grandchildren) and had a great time. Several beautiful sunny days and also some frost and snow – you can see some of the action HERE Patricia: 2014 has been a busy and very enjoyable year. After Dorothea’s 90th birthday in April and…

  • Easter 2014

    … and here’s a load of snaps of the family (well mostly those 7 years old and under)…

  • Dorothea’s 90th birthday

    A weekend of gatherings of friends and family took place around the 14th of April to celebrate D’s birthday. Here are lots of photos: