Building work at Stroanfreggan – regular updates

The rebuilding began at the end of February, with work on the interior. The idea had been to insulate the front wall, strengthen the upstairs floors, take out the bedroom next to the schoolroom and build a platform over where it used to be. Not unexpectedly it turned out that all the old wooden lintels were rotten and the local builders merchants ran short of replacement concrete lintels. The planned demolition and excavation was held up until late April because Scottish Power took nearly two months to turn off the electricity. The floors in the two downstairs bedrooms have to be replaced because they have dropped up to 6 inches where the joist have rotted.
2012 was the wettest summer on record, which held up the laying of concrete floors for weeks. Then in May the news about the proposed windfarm on Stroanpatrick came out, with 36 * 135m turbines within 2km of Stroanfreggan and over 100 within 10km.
So we (i.e. the builders) struggled on and now (early November) you can see that things are nearing completion. The heating pipes are layed across the road, near the existing outlet pipe from the septic tank; the new rainwater tank is going in; the building inspector has signed off on the insulation; the bathroom fittings are bought; the stainless steel kitchen units and the cooker are ready for delivery;  the wood-burning stove for the west room is on order; all the roofs have been replaced; two six foot teak worktops, a marble slab and various other things are being shipped from Beccles.
Our next visit is to be on 12 November and after that we plan to move in by mid-December to prepare for the Christmas hordes. 

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