Hong Kong and Australia

North Stradbroke Island Sitting on the verandah of a holiday villa at Lookout Point on the edge of woodland where many different colourful birds (Rainbow Lorikeets …) are coming to the end of a prolonged morning chorus. We arrived four days ago from Hong Kong and I attended a workshop while P. explored and recovered slowly from flu.
It was wonderful to arrive in Hong Kong within a few hours of James’s birth and I got to visit Lisa and him in hospital (while Patricia slept). Then they came home and there followed a couple of days when L&L got into the rhythm of feeding, changing and sleeping. This was made a little more stressful because he had jaundice and needed to be fed on a strict schedule and taken back to the hospital for blood tests a couple of times. It turned out that taking him for a walk in the sling was an excellent way of getting him to sleep, so we had the pleasure of doing this while L&L snatched some sleep. What a lovely peaceful baby he is.

In between we did zero sightseeing except for a visit to the hospital for Patricia to get antibiotics and cough medicine for her bronchial infection. Charlie Au and I also met up with his brother’s family for lunch at an excellent (Michelin starred) dim sum restaurant, so I got to see a little of how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We spent yesterday walking, swimming and spotting wildlife in the woods on Stradbroke with Elvira and William and will move to Brisbane this evening and then travel on to Hobart tomorrow

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