December 2010

A quiet snowy day to think back on the events of the past year and pick out a few photos.
January left few memories except that it was cold, I had a minor operation and joined a new madrigal group.
February’s outstanding events were lunch at Noma and waiting for the arrival of grandaughter three (Evie) who was born on the first of March and is now a boisterous 9 months. The Icelandic eruption curtailed some travel plans but we spent a few days in Scotland over Easter and visited Luke and Lisa in Amsterdam in May, for their farewell party before they moved to Hong Kong.

The highlight of the summer was a wonderful week on the Baltic island of Bornholm, where we rented a house near the beach to celebrate Luke and Matthew’s birthday. The weather was perfect, the sea was clear, the beach was empty and we cycled around the area.

I (Patricia) have been feeling increasingly torn between my work and being a granny to children so far away. Fortunately, my boss at the Red Cross was very sympathetic and gave me 3 weeks off in September to help Ruth. It was also a sort of trial period; an opportunity for me to assess my situation. I love my work, both writing the human rights manual for the Council of Europe and supporting the asylum seekers to write the New Times magazine (, but it has been very tough and I needed a break. So I have taken the plunge and retired and can look forward to more happy days being a granny.

We spent Christmas with Ruth and Mike in their cottage near Bedford surrounded by snowy fields of sheep. Matthew and Alice came too so we had a wonderful time being grandparents. It was a tremendous pleasure to have the four of them clamber into bed with us in the mornings.

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  1. Lovely to see you all – and receive your news. You are such an extended family spread around the globe. Enjoy your adventures in 2011. Keep in touch. If you come to Paris then give us forward notice and maybe we can book the train for a one day visit!

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