Author: Keith Brander

  • Health news

    We have created a separate site with news about Patricia’s health that you can find HERE

  • Christmas 2012

    Christmas 2012

    Patricia says: I’m in Copenhagen looking out of the window at the snow. It’s beautiful, but it also makes me nervous about it causing further delays to making Stroanfreggan habitable for us all at Christmas. But being all together at Christmas is in the future. What about the past year? I’m enjoying being retired and […]

  • Building work at Stroanfreggan – regular updates The rebuilding began at the end of February, with work on the interior. The idea had been to insulate the front wall, strengthen the upstairs floors, take out the bedroom next to the schoolroom and build a platform over where it used to be. Not unexpectedly it turned […]

  • News at Christmas2011

    News at Christmas2011

    This weekend we finally got to meet Lucy Claire, who was born on 25 November and is a lovely, big, alert baby. She seems to take all the bustle going on around her in a very tranquil way and Sam and Emma are already including her in their activities. The family are going to be […]

  • Leaving Tasmania

    Leaving Tasmania

    It’s the end of April and time to prepare to head for home, quite sad to be leaving such a beautiful, interesting and friendly place. Last night I went out with a group of Danes to see the film Hævnen (In a better place) which uses the Danish landscape as visual punctuation or counterpoint, but […]

  • Travels in Tasmania

    Patricia will be leaving Hobart at the end of this week for Hong Kong, where she is looking after James when Lisa goes back to work. We are planning to go on one or two more excursions, but have already seen a great deal of the Island. You can see quite a lot of photos […]

  • Hong Kong and Australia

    North Stradbroke Island Sitting on the verandah of a holiday villa at Lookout Point on the edge of woodland where many different colourful birds (Rainbow Lorikeets …) are coming to the end of a prolonged morning chorus. We arrived four days ago from Hong Kong and I attended a workshop while P. explored and recovered […]

  • December 2010

    December 2010

    A quiet snowy day to think back on the events of the past year and pick out a few photos.January left few memories except that it was cold, I had a minor operation and joined a new madrigal group.February’s outstanding events were lunch at Noma and waiting for the arrival of grandaughter three (Evie) who […]

  • Edinburgh Zoo

    Edinburgh Zoo

    Paid a short visit to Edinburgh zoo with Matthew, Alice, Sam, Emma and Dorothea for the first time in about 25 years. The cages and tanks looked much bigger and better than I remembered and there were also lots of kids play areas and cafes. Sun bears and monkeys seemed to be the popular ones, […]

  • Christmas and New Year photos

    Here’s photos and videos taken over Christmas and New Year in Edinburgh and Stroanfreggan